21 Days of Fasting and Praying

1st September 2018 – 21st September 2018 All Day

Why Do We Pray and Fast?

In today’s culture many would argue, why pray and fast? There is nothing more powerful by which followers of Jesus can change their lives. Heaven is governed by prayer, and when we pray and fast, it moves the spiritual realm around us. Fasting and prayer know no boundaries. Money, distance or even time, cannot affect the power of prayer. Followers of Jesus understand their lack and have a desperate need for more of God in their lives.

Whenever we place ourselves in a position of self-denial (food), we create warfare with the enemy and allow breakthrough with God. Now imagine that if a whole community of believers pray and fast for a period of time, how that can affect everything around us.

Please join us in 21 Days of Fasting and Praying.  It’s self-paced self-directed opportunity for you to be involved with the Festival of Hope.

For more details about fasting, please read below (the guide) or download our prayer and fasting guide.

Prayer and Fasting guide



Pray For:
Strong foundations of prayer in our community.
​People in your own church to hunger for a deeper relationship with God.

Pray that:
God would transform the lives of many people through the months of this Festival process.
​God’s grace would be revealed to unbelievers through the witness of Christians in our community.

Pray For:
Unity among Christians as we reach out and teach others to live for Jesus.
Leaders, workers, finances, logistics, and resources to make this Festival all that God intends it to be.

Pray That:
Local youth would establish deep roots in Christ and that storms will not cause them to falter or fail.
Deep desires to be strong witnesses for Christ will be born in our young people.

Pray That:
Participating in the Be an Andrew outreach will cause believers to pray daily and more boldly for others to know Christ.
God would raise up prayer warriors for the Festival and that we would see answers to our prayers and be encouraged.

Pray For:
Franklin Graham, the Festival’s musicians, and ministers in our community as God uses them to affect the lives of people and draw them to Christ.
​Diligent follow-up and discipleship by local churches, protection of each new believer, an increase in Christ-centred homes, and multiplied outreach after the Festival.

Pray For:
Your neighbours and how you can be God’s light on your street and in your neighbourhood.
​God to do amazing things for and in the people of our region and that all the glory will be given to Him.